Established in the year 1927,
this long-established restaurant in Ginza continues to be loved in Tokyo,
and now offers traditional cuisine in Hawaii.

Omurice is back

Light & Fluffy Omurice $24~
Traditional Omurice $21~
 from 4pm, on July 1st 2024.

Limited to 15 meals per day.
First come first serve.
Seat reservation recommended.
No take-out.


Yoshoku Room

Yoshoku refers to a variety of Western-influenced Japanese dishes that were introduced to Japan in the late 19th century. While inspired by Western cuisines, yoshoku dishes have been adapted to suit Japanese tastes and ingredients over time.

* Yoshoku menus will be available from Mid August 2024. 

* Yoshoku menus are only available in the Yoshoku Room.

Tonkatsu Room

Tonkatsu is a classic Japanese dish made of a pork cutlet that is breaded and deep-fried until crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside.

* Tonkatsu menus are only available in the Tonkatsu Room.


Please pick up takeout orders from the Tonkatsu Room.

Call 808-926-8082



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